#1465 - Halloween Caper 2014

Joff on Oct. 31, 2014

Happy Halloween everyone
Gingerbread Man is here from http://gingerbreadmanchronicles.webcomic.ws/
Victory is relaxing between his adventures http://victoryadventures.webcomic.ws/
Jaguar and Pinball are here from Wonder Team http://wonderteam.webcomic.ws/
The Runner and Swimmer are here from Karabear Comics Unlimited http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Karabear_Comics_Unlimited
Gertrude and Brunhilda are always a welcome pair of guests from the KAMics http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_KAMics
Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are fortunately remaining civil while visiting from the Consolers http://consolers-extra.webcomic.ws
Cedrick's here fro D.D.S.R http://ddsr.smackjeeves.com/comics
Fox and Honey from Hey Fox! http://www.steamclaw.com/heyfox
Mary-Ange and Andrew from Autumn Bay http://autumnbayextra.webcomic.ws/
Ibdis from Necroomies http://necroomies.thecomicseries.com/
The Foot of William the Giant from http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Dawn_of_a_New_Era_V2
Aggie, Scale and Abui from http://skycladstrega.deviantart.com/
The Living Skull and Captain Evening from http://cosmicbeholder.blogspot.dk/
And, of course, Hogan and Mr. Montibar of http://www.dragoneers.com/halloween2014/