Minicomix with Fred

Aghammer on April 1, 2009

This is an image by lycoris (inked by you know who) that will be used for a bookmark we are giving out at the Fluke con in Athens GA on Sat. I'll post the final bookmark as well… thanks for your comments :)

Jay, I know it man… I really want some shamwows (sp?)… damn it! :)

Cain, yeah, so annoying but when I'm working at 2am in the morning they suck me in… ha.

Kristen, yes they do… if they it worked out the way they promised my life would be much better! sniff.

dot, whatever works! Just say NO… ha.

Terminal, you got it… they are on your way to your home now… totally free with a small $3000 shipping charge! enjoy. :D