Locoma on July 24, 2007

*in cities near the mountains, irrigation ditchs inside the city are used to prevent floods and use the water caused by the melting snow in the mountains… aaahh memories from vacations, they are the best ones.

And now, a huge paragraph:
Hehehe I love that alejkhan and tantz have picked their favorite Locoma. Mike, the display of Locomas is not over yet, maybe you do have your favorite :-D Scale it's a toughy indeed.
Did you know that this storyline has its finale already plotted? it's not scripted yet, but it will meet its end by the end of the year. I'm loving what I've planned so far.
Sorry if I sounded too stressed last week, I'll try not to freak out :-D It's Ok really, I got mad with last week's experiment because it didn't worked, it was a mixture of pencil + computer coloring (sort of what usedbooks use for her colored pages, wich are eye candy BTW). This week I used watercolors + colored pencils. Watercolors are great for painting backgrounds, I did those in no time. This time the harder part was the scripting and skecthing, too many things to place in one page.
I'll keep experimenting, I plan to do something different that resembles the previous page style, since you all like it.
Thanks for all the comments and cheers, they really fuel my spirit (like ramen fuels rockster1039), and sorry I haven't had time to read comics lately, I've missed a lot of updates, but I'll catch up.

oh! and congrats to Tweebus on the first “comment cameo” in this comic, hahaha.

Sending update…