-new year's card (2008)

Locoma on Dec. 23, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and readers from drunkduck! Your company and involvement were of great inspiration even in the toughest moments of this year. Thank you!


Chars (header, left to right):
1) Crazy Dutchman (So Bored)
2) Juno (Fullmoon Stories)
3) Warrior (Mikyagu)
4) Nub (Tweebus)
5) Carrot (Apple Crew)
6) Banana (Nonsensical Ravings)
7) Butteryflyangel (avatar)
8 ) Radec (South of Sanity)
9) Mokat (Rakina - Kemikal War Fair)

Chars (main pic):
1) Kristin (This Ego of Mine)
2) mario (Pixel Plumbers)
3) Fishbowl (Like Fish in Water)
4) Joseph (Second Wind)
5) Zera's sword (SilverShot)
6) Loran (profile)
7) Darren (Divine Leap)
8 ) sand pirate guy (Exonia Saga)
9) Vixie (Hand Drawn)
10) Evil Snowman (Evil Snowman)
11) Finst (Wolf)
12) bastet's avatar (profile)
13) Frogman (Ultimate X)
14) M.Organ (M.Organ Art)…in Richard's clothes (Lola)
15) bowl of ramen (Rockster's avatar, profile)
16) Kaida (Usedbooks)

press SHIFT while clicking “RELOAD” (or “REFRESH” in internet explorer) if you don't see new chars

OH!! please, I have each char in a separate psd/jpg so if you want your char separately send me a PQ and I'll send it to you as a present

Chars notes:
*Kaida was done using a classic anime adult-game style (or at least I tried to do that, haha). Specially one called “Chain, the lost footprints” video - info (NSFW) awesome graphics, acting and story!!
*Joseph was done riding an imaginary vehicle since his comic has lots of them in it, greatly drawn BTW
*Vixie is chasing Evil Snowman because Vixie loves snow and running naked through it. In fact her last update are the chars (her comic in JAIL because of that… They always forget about the jail part, haha.
*Sand pirate guy's color are wrong, I just saw a colored pic of it… I tried to fix it digitally but it looks like crap, sorry Bit Player!
*Loran and Darren were drawn like mirrored only because of the trenchcoat, nothing deeper than that! :P
*Kristin came up a lot naughtier than planned, it was a surprise even to myself, haha :D
*Finst was the easiest to draw… I guess pencils are my forte after all :D
*I didn't have time to include you all the way I would have liked. There are a lot of you, people!, hahaha! Have a happy new year!

(OK! I lied, Locoma will continue the story on Thursday, not tomorrow! :P )