Chapter 7, Page 16

Geejay on Oct. 6, 2006

I'm back to updating again after three weeks of doing another comic story. Here, Lili takes flight in a bid to catch up with the Sylosians who had taken Fr Sephriel and Sir Mendoran a few pages back. Not much to say about this page really other than that.

I did employ some of the newer techniques I've picked up while doing the other comic which was good. You learn something new everyday.

Hope you guys like the new page.

Update: I'd just like to explain why Lili didn't use the flight spell before jumping into the waterfall. I knew that there are people who are going to be asking about this but I didn't think I need to explain myself until my brother actually asked the question.

Well, wizards in Lovaria just can't cast spells one after another indefinitely. So, wizards have to use magic sparringly. Lili only found out for sure that she was outside the cave after she had jumped into the waterfall. After that, she knew she could cast a Flight Spell (that has a limited duration of effect, by the way) in an attempt to catch up with the Sylosians.

If she had cast it while still inside the cave and flew through to the other side of the waterfall instead, she better hope that the other side did lead to the outside or she would've wasted a Flight Spell. Of course, the likelihood of the other side of the waterfall being the outside was high, she rather chance jumping into the waterfall which she thought was a pretty safe thing to do anyway.

Or… maybe I should just give you a super simple explanation: Lili haven't thought of using the Flight Spell until after she jumped. Ah, well.