Anti Spoiler Page V2

Highwind017 on April 21, 2011

Hey people, Sorry about being so quiet for so long. Ive been busy with LAC. But i havent been posting it here. Ive been posting it in my Deviant Art page. The new Anti-Spoiler page will have all the details of whats been happening.

As for the Next chapter of the Mainstream LAC. I havent been thinking about it too much, the Breaks been nice. But soon i will get back to this. Maybe June/July. Im not sure. The main priority for me right now is getting the first chapter remake/extension done in Deviant Art and then i can go on with Chapter 8.

I think i'll call it “Calm”. Give me time to think. :3

Anyway, Read up on the Remake of the First Chapter. I hope you all enjoy it. And Love and Chaos shall return! >:3