Chapter 1: "100 years ago in a small town of payon"

Highwind017 on March 10, 2008

Yea just a cover for the first chapter of love and chaos…Nice and simple…

Edit - First of July, 2011

Bleh, such a old page from my MS Paint Days. A bit Ugly, dont you think? Now, i would had placed the new cover after this… But due to Drundduck making me place down that cover, one by one till it gets to here. I decided not to bother. Instead, im going to put a link here. Which will lead you to the Remake/Extension chapter of the First chapter of Love and Chaos. Which i beleive does the first Chapter justice. The Remastered First Chapter is what should had been, the first chapter. If i had started LAC now and now 3 years ago.

I will of course, keep these pages. They are History, and something to look back on. Agreed?

Anyway. Here is the Link, Enjoy the Remastered first chapter in my Deviant Art. :3