Big News

lunamoon_3 on Sept. 10, 2006

Ok, as you search for the forward and back buttons, here is some news. I finally got my late, late birthday present of Manga Studio 3.0 Debut. I will be using that to make the comic, now that I also have a nifty tablet to draw with.

I am redoing this for several reasons, first of all, whenever I looked back at my first pages…and then some, I was terrified at how my art was!! Two, I forgot some important things that needed to be included. Three, I made it go too fast at times. Four, I want to redesign the characters a likkle bit. Five, I need to adjust the storyline a bit more.

So, with that all said…Just give me a little bit more time to explore my manga studio….I have the prolouge almost done.. It only one page, but it is really turning out nicely! I just need to ink it a little bit more and add some more tones and then it should be ready.


If there were parts of the comic you wish me to include again (Such as Pyro's boxer Shorts incedent) PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT OF WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE! And, also…If you wish to draw me a fanart or something, if you could post it on your webcomic so I may save it on my computer and post it on my comic, I would be very, very grateful (For both the posting, and the Fanart!!) Your reward will be to have one of your characters in the background of a future page, or if I am totally in love with your fanart, I will draw you one back. Which will be posted on my comic and I shall comment on your comic to let you know I have a fanart for you!!!

So, Be ready for the Rebirth of LUNAR CHRONICALS!

-Mata ne!!!