Free Enterprise

magicalmisfits on May 3, 2021

Summer is one of the greatest creations ever. She has spread her mayhem across all Riley Mccool’s comics. How can I resist borrowing her from time to time. Princess Storm aka Stormy is my creation. Diazy is a gift from Riley to me. I gave her Gomee Summer’s Gollum. I got the better end of that trade I think. I am trying to make Diazy grow up a little from “Aunt Dizzy forgets stuff”. She’s a healer after all. She can’t be too dizzy! In case it’s too subtle I am using this strip to introduce the tree. The tree in the center of the multiverse from where all realms spring. We will eventually see the tree itself. The story is ready. We just have got to get there. None of your webcomics are safe.