Milestone Festival 100

Lonnehart on May 21, 2007

Sorry this update took so long, but I didn't want to put up a simple pinup to celebrate it. Planning and drawing took too long for me, so hence I didn't do any backgrounds (didn't want to update it tomorrow). Anyway, lots of cameos in this comic. They're all Drunkduck comics, so you can go to the Drunkduck's homepage to search for them. Here are the cameos in order of appearance…

Girl Robot (the Robot)
Life and Death (Bobby and Steve with his beer)
Magical Misfits (Hildegarde and Wheels)
Doodles in Time (Chibi)
To Be A Pokemon Ace (I'll just call him Ace since I don't know his name)
Third Period Lunch (Christina as the doctor)

Well, enjoy! :)

oops. I knew I forgot something. The Tarrasque is a creature from Dungeons and Dragons. There's only one, and its probably the most powerful thing out there short of ancient dragons. From what I remember, only the most powerful enchanted weapons and specialized spells will hurt the thing. It regenerates a lot of damage despite this, and spells reflect off its carapace so it's extremely hard to kill. The only way to truly kill it is to reduce it to -100 hitpoints, after which 3 level 40 carefully worded Wish spells and then one level 40 Miracle spell must be cast upon its corpse to keep it dead (otherwise it'll just come back to life). Well, that's as much as I can remember since I haven't played the game in a very long time… x_x