School - Enjoying things get me trouble

Skulldog on Aug. 27, 2007

One of my early memories of elementary school is this. Actually, I don't clearly recall if this happened /to/ me, or I witnessed it happening to another child. I pushed off many bad memories onto other people from those times, so few things are clear anymore.

I use to enjoy playing with my Velcro shoes, the noise was pretty entertaining during boring story times. The teacher threatened me with being stuck to the floor forever if I didn't stop.

I don't remember any of my early teachers, just that all of them were female. I guess the only notable connection I can still make is that my third grade teacher was killed by her husband in some bizarre murder suicide, just a few years ago. My mom made that connection before I did when it was headlining the local news.

And I remember is being in trouble for playing with shoes.