01- It just pops up!

maritalbliss on April 20, 2007

Marital Bliss???

#1 - It Just Pops up!

Lynn here, I'm one of the writers and wifey-poo of the artist Ethan Allen. (No he doesn't make furniture, nor is he widely known for his military prowess.) He is the driving force behind, Ethan Allen Studios. Ethan Allen Studios is the storefront for all Ethan and I's intellectual endeavours.

Check my webcomic, “Toil and Trouble.” the second thing that we have produced here at Ethan Allen Studios.

More to come, promise. Right now, Ethan works full-time as a cowboy. He is the manager of a horse-drawn carriage company, here in Dallas. He works upwards of 70 hours a week and is also a full-time artist. He is exhausted.

As soon as we get Marital Bliss??? in syndication and Ethan can draw full-time for “reals” we are prepared to go daily if it works out that way. Otherwise, Marital Bliss??? will remain a webcomic while we work on other comics and the like, eventually; we want to do the “Convention Thing.”

Comments make them come faster, they make it seem like it's not all in vain. So please, leave some.

Hope you enjoy the comic strip and that it adds a bit more bliss to your life.