Based On a True Story

ian_and_ian on July 5, 2009

The origin story of our two heroes.

Hey all, Martin here. I'm the (lazy) artist. My companion Mitchell is the one behind the writing. We're both named Ian M., so we would advise you to use our last names when referring to us.

Anyway, I know the art is kind of bad and lazy, but a) it was drawn with a mouse (well, I half drew/half traced vague sketches I doodled by hand) and b) I promise I'll give it more effort in the future (notice i didn't say how far into the future). I was having a lot of trouble with Flash (including several run-ins with the “ERASE EVERYTHING ON THE CANVAS IMMEDIATELY” function, which is accessed by apparently double-clicking the eraser tool)

If you have a gripe about the script, well, you can complain to Mitchell. In fact, you can reach us both at our brand-spanking new e-mail, Enjoy.