PaulEberhardt on Sept. 22, 2020

To those who still remember this comic: Hello, my dear friends! Long time, no see. Thanks for coming back, I’m truly sorry it took me so long.
To those who found it only now, because this is the first update in years (and to those who forgot it exists): Hello and welcome! I’m glad you dropped in and I hope you like what you see. If you want to read it all from the start now, don't be too shocked at my old stuff – everyone had to start somewhere.
I posted two little cartoons in one go this time, just to get back into things.

Gundula never throws anything away…
This started as a doodle, based on a remark how Corona showed us that we, mankind, haven't conquered nature as fully as we like to fool ourselves into thinking. Whoever said that, they're right.
I wouldn't say we're as helpless against it as people were in face of the plague, but it did manage to turn the whole world on its head. Even if science has gone a long way since then, in practical terms we're mostly reduced to keeping our distance and being wary of other people's breath. It struck me that the more intelligent, observant people back then did the same, provided they had the means. The difference is just that they acted on intuition rather than knowledge.
Having to wear masks may be annoying, but it is important, and if you only do it to show that you care about others. I don’t think of it as a restriction on freedom, but rather as a token of respect for everyone’s freedom to stay healthy. With a mask you’re certainly more free than you’d be in quarantine, and they offer some new and underutilised room for expressing one's individuality, if that is an issue. (I wonder if it's hot and stuffy under that beak.)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:
Yes, I have indeed new pages in the works. I can’t give you a proper ETA at the moment, though. I’ve got enough scripted material to last for years, and it feels good to finally post drawings again. However I really need ot get back into practice. I’m slowly building up a kind of drawing routine again, hopefully one that lasts, but I can't deny that right now I’m much too slow to even think of re-establishing anything like a regular schedule yet. In addition, there’s a bit of story coming up, which means long pages with many panels. I'm looking forward to them, and while I’ve been considering splitting them up a bit more in order to update more frequently, I don't feel comfortable with that idea, so I probably won't. Also, I’m definitely not going to take a pass on colouring them just to speed things up. I read the feedback I get and I prefer colour myself.

Fortunately this is not the only place to get your fix of Gundula and Tiger at the moment, because they have a cameo appearance in Danielle Dark, here on the Duck. artdude2002, the author and artist, does an awesome rendition of Gundula, Tiger and Christian that I consider a must-see for all fans of Master the Tiger. Danielle Dark is a long-running, fascinating and complex story featuring a vampire and a witch who deal with the challenges of getting by in today’s world as well as conquering the demons of their past (this one-sentence summary doesn’t really do it justice). It’s drawn in a unique and cool way, too. If you haven’t already you should definitely treat yourself to it.
This is a link to the first page where they appear:
And here's the one after that: