May'le: The Original Sketch

Triss on July 13, 2007

Hullo again. I'm off to study number theory for 3 weeks, and without a backlog I probably won't update until late August or early September given the amount of work I still have to do and the weeks of drumline practice that await. Don't worry, M&M isn't dead, just hiatusing.

Thought you'd be interested to see the original sketch of May… as you can see, I settled on a name relatively quickly. Here, May is protesting this outfit. It isn't really that slutty, but May has a nasty time with being confused for a prostitute and the low-ish neckline, the color scheme, and the lace-up are more than she's comfortable with. Although, of course, I didn't think this sketch through too thoroughly at the time. It was only later that May'le got her own little webcomic.

Sorry for the flat color… the aforementioned workload, coupled with me losing my voice, means that I'm taking shortcuts.

I really want to redo the first chapter at some point, and I also want to make a nifty character page as soon as I can swing it.

Thanks so much, readers. I love you all very dearly.

I remain, yours truly,