Megamantics #81

mattboy115 on Jan. 30, 2010

That's right! I'm going to be in the next season! And guess what I need! I need a master sprite editor! If anyone out there is a good sprite editor I need you to help me! I want a sheet of ME sprites! If you've seen comic #18 then you know what it looks like.

I just want it to look better and have good pixelation and have more poses and more facial expressions and most important of all a pose looking at the camera. I'll give you something in exchange. A guest comic or a custom template for your pages! Please help me! The sheet I currently have has a couple sprites on it and I can give you that as something to look at.

You've got plenty of time because I am going to use a Megaman sprite with a green color palette for the next mission. HELP!