Memento Mori, Page 9

Xiam on Aug. 19, 2009

Keep telling yourself it was all for the best.

So hey, you remember that apparently superfluous story Simon told? Turns out, it actually explained the whole thing with FiFi all along. You can't add something to nothing, after all.

It makes me wonder if all those people were actually supposed to die, though.

Anyway, so here we have two seemingly conflicting reasons why Death did what he did. Of course, a bit of compassion every now and again wouldn't be unheard of - he's made by us, after all - but when you think about it, without Melody, he couldn't have led his little game of chess to its intended outcome.

Makes you think, huh?

So, I actually had two pages here. I accidentally misread my own page numbers and had two labeled 299 (this is, in all technicality, page 299, excluding bonus comics and coverpages). As such, I had two scripts, both ending with Ace making some insult and Death knocking back another.

I think one involved the suspicion that Ace was just jealous because Death would never pet him.

It's all good though, I combined the two unfunny parts to make an amusingly uncomfortable moment for Simon and Ace.

Don't leave just yet! We've got one more page, and I intend to have a completely NEW end-coverpage, unlike the other 29 chapters (and DdlM).

Also, Sunday I'll give a teaser image for my new series, which I'll also post on that comic's page for something of an intro, haha.

I um… have no life.