Für Octavia - A Memories From Requiem restart

Xatiav on June 24, 2013

Long time ago, ghostrunner was telling me how redoing pages was boring; hence I did not redo pages, but gave birth to a new arc all over!

Für Octavia is a reboot of “Memories from Requiem” (in a cleared way).

I used a year to rethink the entire plot, clearing it up and making it less fragmented, as well as developing the main character's story in a clearer way. Since I made this comic, my style has changed and I wanted to give it a new breath for good.

If you already read the “prequel”, you will meet new characters, see many returning and will discover the origins of the main character. The story as a whole is changed as well as the art, becoming something entirely new.

has started in February 2008 and has since grown in my head and on the site, until its hiatus due to my studies in late 2010 and to my will to perfect my art style.

I am now breathing new life into it, re-shaping it as I envisioned so many years ago. I hope you will enjoy this new journey with me once again. :)



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