A journally beginning.

SolTh on Nov. 15, 2009

Oh hey, it's been what, over a year since I last looked at making sprite comics. So, here I am again, ready to try and fail like last time. But hey, trying and failing over and over again will eventually get me there, right?

Now getting into the comic itself. It's obvious going to have Metroid characters in it, hence the title. It's also going to have some Sonic the Hedgehog characters as well, seeing as Mobius is the Space Pirate's destination. However, the two space pirates in this strip are NOT, I repeat, are not the main characters, although they will show up from time to time. I'll try to use they're names for when they show up. Now I just need to think of a name for the one on the right.

And no, not all the comics will be this big. Only important ones. And then I'll make sure it doesn't stretch the page horizontally, like this one did. Sorry about that.