Miss Doomsday Page One

Zac Crockett on Feb. 8, 2009

Here's the pencils for the first page of a story I'm working on tentatively called “Miss Doomsday” or “Everyday is Like Doomsday”. It's about a girl, Anne Hedonia, who wakes up and each day brings a new apocalypse.

I'm not quite certain what to do with this story or artwork. I'm thinking of inking it and sending it to some publishers (along with some other pages of the comic), but I feel that it's not very good. I was also thinking of doing a webcomic of it entirely in pencils, because pencils are faster than inks (although much rougher in appearance).

Confusion, confusion. Ah well, at least this is a comic where I get to draw some curvy chick as the central character.

The comic would have gore in it, but not of the super-detailed variety. It would be a bit more cartoony. The tone of the story would be along the lines of “Opey the Warhead”, with a lot of dark humor and drama.