Ask Mika

Author_Ninja on Nov. 29, 2017

Seems like everything these days is getting a reboot. I've often considered coming back to this story and fixing some of the old problems it had. Continuity errors, dropped plot points, and misunderstanding Japanese culture. I don't know if anyone will be down for it but I've been working on it. But I know there's a lot of unanswered questions about where I left things off. The two stories will tie in loosely together since I built that into the main storyline, with most of the main cast set slightly differently.

So this is your opportunity to figure out how the original series was meant to go. I still remember what the plot was and how I planned to end it. Even some stuff that was in the comic but never addressed further, like the Time Monkeys, Aliens and alternate evil dimensions. Seriously, the future plot was a mess, but using Ask Mika I can at least tell snippits of what the future of the comic was like and how the reboot came to happen. The answers will be accompanied by quick illustrations like you see in a lot of those Ask tumblrs.

So if you have any questions you can send a note or leave a comment here and I'll answer them as quick as I can, possibly in an art stream. And I will also be posting art here and mostly on my Deviantart for character designs, plot brainstorming and other things. I'd love your input and feedback because if you've gotten through the archive and this long description, you might just be a fan.

Ask your questions here:

But please don't yell at me for thinking of rebooting. I did write myself into a corner and in all this time since I would be no closer to the conclusion as I had it written.