Chapter 1 - Page 5

Moonlit_Shadows on June 18, 2007

Okay, I think that…deadlines…“I figure they're more of..guidelines..”, to quote that thing about the Pirate's Code. I'm only one day late on this update though!

I'm looking forward to getting to draw more than just two guys talking. It's probably because I had to go on hiatus and thusly had to stare at the same couple of pages in agony, but I'm tired of drawing these two talking, despite how “awesome” they are at arguing. XD

(And, trying my hand on drawing actual backgrounds…hmm…)

On a layout note, I reorganized the pages to make the chapter seem…less disjointed than it already is. So all Filler and other drawings not story related are now at the bottom of the pulldown menu.

Listening to: Dancing on the Berlin Wall - Rational Youth (Canadian New Wave song from the 80's about well, the Berlin Wall and the atmosphere of the Cold War/East Germany…hmm, yes, it fits, ja?)