MCP- Why Not to Drink on Pluto-Conclusion

Mushroomcomix on April 28, 2009

As promised on Monday's YO Update here is a brand new MCP page, and the last page of the current story.

I am still looking for gueststars for adventures in comic selling so let me know if you wish to have your characters mushroomized!

PQ me or email me at or let me know in the comments here. YO! Will update on Friday!

I must admit that this story worked much better in short story format. I found it difficult to make it a comic book, all my story lines for Yo! are scripted and laid out panel to panel and I found that really hard to do with the Pluto story. I may still try to transfer more of my short stories for comics, but I will plan it out much better :)

@ DotDotDot- Thanks for checking out MCP man much appreciated! Tell your friends about us!

@ Ag- I was contemplating a scene with a few Reverse Polarity characters, and I think it would work but it would be really hard…perhaps in the future once I get my art skills up to par!

@ Jabali- Well it's concluded now.