Tailight Manifishtones Page 1

Mushroomcomix on May 12, 2009

Sorry bout this page guys, I ran out of room for the text and had to cut it short…I had to add about 3 panels to my original story map. I forgot how much narration was in Behind The Music ;) I promise this will pick up and become a good one.

Got some comics to plug for you guys


TJ and Rick are from Aghammer's comic Running on Empty 08 go and read it now!


on Monday's update everyone's favorite superhero rock star made a guest appearance in Flying Green Monkeys awesome comic No Talent.
It's a great comic and you guys should go check it out!

@Aghammer- I haven't seen behind the music in ages! I had to go online to watch a few to get the story line down. I still need to watch more. The last one I saw on TV was Pantera's and it was really sad :( Poor Dimebag! Anyway this story will pick up, I think I am going to have to make larger panels and stuff.

@Machinehead- Seems like everytime I turn it to VH1 anymore all I see are crappy reality shows! I haven't seen an I Love the __ show in a while.

@KitKat- thanks!

@Jabali- thanks!