Latifah bust a line

Daf42 on March 11, 2006

Comic Title: Queen Latifah-Pros

Over here on the farm in England we always thought Queen Latifah was a fantastically poor actress, but it turns out that in the USA she’s a rap/hip-hop/R&B superstar, which means it’s alright for her to be a bad actress. With such classics as the Taxi remake, Bringing Down the House and Barbour Shop 2 under her quite large belt, her newest movie “Last Holiday” is sure to be some thing awful.

I don’t know it is about a hip-hop, a rap or R&B star that makes it acceptable to cast them in Films even though they can’t act. Ja Rule is one such example. He did a fantastic job saying black stereotype phrases such as “Daaaaaamn” in The Fast and The Furious, but I can’t see why any casting director would jump out of their seat and say “That’s the guy we’ve been looking for!”

I think we have Will Smith to blame for all this, by probably being the first such Hip-hop/R&B cross over star, but he had the good fortune to be a pretty good actor and made it look easy. Mos Def did quite a good job in Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ill admit that, but he does have an acting background, having appeared in more than one episode of “The Cosby Mysteries”.