Interuptions - City of weirdos.

crocty on May 14, 2008

I apologise greatly for not updating.
Every time I remembered, my computer crashed before I could send it…. o_o
But if you're reading this, then YAY!
This is a City of Weirdos comic, made by Chameleon Kid
Chameleon kids says she likes this one because “Why was this my favorite? Well gosh, I dunno–I s'pose it was because I hadn't drawn Lloyd in so long, I just felt so elated to be drawing my little werewolf again! ^_^”. =O

Well, if you wanna update, the first page tells you how.
And if you submit, I PROMISE to update this time. ^_^;;
*Pinky swear*…
Crocty is outta heeeere…