Aurora Moon's MAGICAL MANIA: 6

Ian Jay on Nov. 2, 2006

Hello again, MCT3K fans! We're keeping the party train a-chuggin' this month with “Aurora Moon”'s webcomic Magical Mania. (I don't really know Aurora Moon's real name. So sue me.) You can read the original six pages starting here, but I'd highly recommend that you also read our version, starting here.

Next up, though I can't make any promises, will probably be Eggbert. Even though he's got a very funny and well-made comic (two qualities that make it extremely hard to ridicule), he's been waiting since early in Season 1, so I figure I'd better give him a shot.

Keep it cool, Micties!

Ian Jay

PS: Visit for more fun!

PPS: Original art (C) Aurora Moon. Commentary (C) 2006 by Ian Jay. All views, opinions, and statements expressed in said commentary are made in jest and do not officially depict the opinions of the author. Remember, we're not being entirely serious here.