00364: when being telepaphic lets you down

NPC_Girl on June 7, 2011

Update lovelies! You know it's weird, this page was meant to be Arden monologuing and he was like: “No! he can read my freaking mind! remember!? I don't need to tell him why I'm pissed off with him!!!! he should know already!” Yeah…. totally forgot about that, thank you Arden for reminding me :B Also yay for raptor hands! Am I the only one who prances around with raptor hands? prancy prancy prance~
don't forget to check out my new web comic! and if you could spare us some coin that'd be nice, I'm starting to oogle iceland's 3 for £1 pasta dishes wondering if they might taste nice. 3 meals for a pound, what a bargain right!? 8D
Also I'm considering doing some live-streaming, if I did would anyone be interested in watching? Who here wants to see me drawing the comic and slacking off? xD