Chapter 1: Life of an NPC

NPC_Girl on March 10, 2007

wooo first chapter! with a snazzy front cover page thing! this picture i have here is freaking ainchent. must be about a year old now. but i couldn't think of any better image to use for the front cover. i like how Felix is drawn. shading sucks on it though. i was having a bit of an experiment with the shading on the face. i think it looks cool. and amazing enough as it sounds i have actually the first page of the chapter drawn out in pencil! i might ink it in this evening if i can put down my book for five minutes. this re telling of NPC is actually kinda fun. i had loads of fun thinking up the first page. well not really seeing it is based on the first page of the original NPC. but how it's written out it kinda ingenious if i do say so myself! we shall see. I'll try and drag myself away from my book around 3 ish to start on it ^_^