NPC front page

NPC_Girl on Jan. 7, 2006

Welcome to NPC redone! it's basicly the same story as the last one just redone! i will be uploading and updating the old one so that the story continues… so you guys don't have to wait around for this to get back to where it was. this vertion will be of better quality, more reaserched into, more origernal, lenghened and will be what will be turned into print.i'm still working on it. it may take a short time for me to have the first page up. still working on the re-vamped script. plus i have to find time around my studies and i do have exams to worry about…. and just for anyones curoisity sake, this front page took me three days to compleat. lot's of work! there are some new stuff and themes which you people will see who read the comic before.