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Rage Nakasa on Feb. 18, 2009

TODAY'S GRAY SPACE: Two Nakasa descendants. Sherera Nakasa and Shikamaru Striker (or at least a doll), siblings and lovers. I love these random things! Yes, Sherera is in love with her brother…


Rage was sleeping under the hot sun as the blond haired man looked over at him. “Man… I wonder what he is dreaming about…” the man said. “…the war…” Rage said in his sleep. “?” said the blond haired man as the scene fades white.

Chapter 01
The Beginning, the war

The war… the war between demons and Angels. This war that last for thousands of years. This war over humanity’s control was the harshest and most brutal war ever fought. Many hated this war and wanted to find a place where there was no war. A land where this war had not and could not touch. Very few know of a place like this. Among these few are two fox demons. These two demons dart from tree branch to tree branch as the war had consumed their town. “What are we going to do, Dear Darumes?” asked the female demon. “We’ll get out of this Anamell!” said the male demon known as Darumes. They then jump down to the ground and start running. As they ran, Darumes spots a sword on the ground. He stops and picks up the sword. “Hmm… This is one I made…” exclaims Darumes. “Look out!!!” screams Anamell as an angel speeds through the air, aiming his sword at them, yelling “Be gone, fowl Demons!” Darumes grips the sword and swings it at the Angel. The blade hits the angel and cuts him right down the middle as Darumes dodges the sword that the angel was holding. The angel then fades into light and then disappears. “Come on!” yells Darumes to Anamell. She hurries to him as they get to a broken building. “Where are we to go?” asked a worried Anamell. “We need to get to Noronal” explains Darumes. “It’s said this country will take in anyone who does not want to be in this damn war, whether they be human, angel, or demon. They all live peacefully there.” “How far is it from here?” Anamell asked. “Don’t know. I was only told to go west and find SeneCal Valley.” said Darumes. “This is the most west building in town” said Anamell. After saying that the two demons disappeared into the night as the war forged behind them. A month and a half later, after stopping in countless towns to asked about where SeneCal Valley was, they finally came up to the town of Semarail. “Maybe we will find some answers here.” said Darumes. They went up to the first person they could find asked “Do you know where SeneCal Valley is?” “Yes.” said a man with a gruffly voice. “See that tower over there? It’s a day’s trip though the harshest lands, but on the other side is a land that has peace.” Said the man. “Thanks” Darumes said as he and Anamell started to head off. “Stop!” said the gruffly voiced man. “You need to rest. Both of you look tired.” Anamell walked to Darumes and said “Let’s rest. It will be there tomorrow.” “Maybe… but we will rest anyway.” said Darumes. The man led them to his home and fed them. During dinner, Darumes asked the man what his name was. “My name is Drak and since we are on introductions…” said Drak. “I’m Darumes and this is my fiancée, Anamell.” said Darumes. “Fiancée huh? Well it’s good to see young love.” Drak said as he tore of some meat from a turkey leg. They finished the night’s meal and went to bed. The next day they all headed toward SeneCal Valley. The land between the town of Semarail and the tower to SeneCal Valley was like hell on earth. “It’s not much farther…” said Drak as they passed up the tower that was in the middle of this barren wasteland.

Today, our heroes have a meal with the mysterious man now identified as Drak. And they head off. This is the end of chapter 01.