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Little Swan on July 20, 2012

First of all, I'm sorry about the quality of this page. I'm back home from university now so I'm borrowing mum's scanner while mine is in storage. I worked really hard on this one too :(
Okay. It has been ages since I last posted, I am so sorry for that. University exams combined with my personal life falling apart (my relationship of over 4 years is almost completely broken down, which has left me with massive self esteem and trust issues) has meant that I've felt too down to concentrate on updating. 
I go on holiday this weekend so no updates for the next two/two and a half weeks, but I thought I should leave this here so you know I AM COMING BACK. In fact, I'll be spending a lot of time on holiday writing the actual story for this so updates will be easier for me since I'll actually know what to draw!
If you want to hear from me more often (not sure why!) then I have some links below:
My Blog:
My Youtube:
Thank you all SO SO SO much for all the sweet comments on previous pages, they really have kept me going. And again, I'm awfully sorry for not updating in so long. Hopefully when I'm back off holiday I can build up a buffer over the remaining summer holidays, so I can still update for a while when I get back to university.
If you're still reading my comic, and you made it all the way to here in this rant, then THANK YOU for sticking around. It means so much <3