Class One ep.2

stopfontana on March 6, 2007

Every Tuesday and Thursday, just like I said. However, this will be the last weekly update on this site or myspace. We put so much efort into the new site so we could host our own webcomics… which will soon include a few more daily and weekly titles… and keep ourselves in the coffee it takes to keep making these comics, which takes money. Money will will hopefully now be provided by a small amount of modest advertising. I implore all of your to bookmark the site and check it every Tuesday and Thursday for updates. I will post on drunk duck once a full story arc has run on the site. So if you are absolutely against visitng the new site for a few minutes twice a week, you will still be able to read NECROMANTIC. It may just take a while. Thank you all so much for your support… I hope I haven't alienated that support.

here's the address, bookmark it, love it, spread it like a high school STD…