Chapter 1 cover : Meetings

bluebug on Jan. 25, 2007

Hey, peeps!

I'm part of a group of artists called Sass Studios, which includes Modesty (check out her comic - one of the few online comics that's completely finished, Animetor Lily (who I'm trying to convince to join DD with her comic ) and myself. Run on sentence …

Anyway, we started an Impromanga with some great artists and writers, with monthly updates. Since we've got a number of pages finished already, however, DD gets weekly updates for a while.

The cover was designed by me, but artistic credit goes to the following:

FaronKaros (Glade, Aidalis, Miria')
azalea (Tyde, Silf)
Modesty (Starburst*, Aelmon**, Angelo, Afanen, Sable, Daixx^)
James Starrunner (Joy)
bluebug (Sylphi, Kai^^, Kero)

' = character belongs to Shiroikami
* = darkprominence
** = FaronKaros
^ = bluebug
^^ = mischa

edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to explain the title. It alludes to the fact that as a sci-fi/fantasy impromanga, anything is possible.
-Insert Modesty!-
Psst! This is Modesty! I'm in your notez, stealing your thunderz. XD j/k. I'm a fellow project manager for this whole Impromaga thing. Teehee I feel so sneaky!