002 - One Year

xailenrath on Feb. 8, 2019

This comic takes place one year after The Holiday Twins have moved to the (fictional) Raspberry Hill neighborhood of the (semi-fictional) Pacific Northwest city of Nottingham, Washington.

Nottingham is based 75% on Bellingham, Washington (where I, The Cartoonist, lived for over a dozen years), 15% Portland, Oregon (where my girlfriend once lived and has told me stories of), and 10% Seattle, where we live now.

Each place has it's share of proprietary weirdness that I still don't quite grasp fully, but am totally amused by.
All the background folks in this strip (save for the zombie in the corner) are based on folks I've met, or seen walking around tge various PNW areas in which I've lived.
Bellingham had a guy in a Mr. Peanut costume who walked around town playing the sax, but, I couldn't frame him in the pic correctly. He will show up eventually, though.