HHtherandomchick on Feb. 27, 2007

Looking at this, i think, “Wow. this really sucks. I can draw better than this!” which is true. I wasn't even going to do this comic, but i have. so there. I must thank SomaX for the ninja help website! Though i am doing the stupid stereotypical ninja thing, (what? i like their threads! and it would ruin my story.) i now know what a girl ninja is called!
I don't think the teacher is truly offended, but more taken aback by her garb. And what does he mean by “normal schools”, you ask? you shall see!
What would that move be called in naruto? Oh-ouch-your-heart-got-ripped-out no-jutsu? or maybe, Oh-you-just-got-owned-bitch no-jutsu? XD hope you like the stupidity!