105 Movie fun

TheFlyingGreenMonkey on Aug. 8, 2010

Well will update every monday. I doubt I'll be able to live up to the kind words of Hark and Kevin at the Webcomic Review Comic On the Web

Well anyway I went to watch Eclipse with my friends. Well my friends went to see it during the early bird specail so I went with. Of course I made fun of it all over the place but except for the Bella and Edward love story it was good. Nice fight scene and nice built up to it. It made me start reading the books. So expect me to rag on the books soon.

@WordWeaver:That gives me an idea for a future comic >:3
@Radom: And thats why it is funny XD Also msg me I miss ya T.T
@Ghost: I never saw twister though I got the idea from a clip of it.
@Bff: They do indeed.
@1337: I try to give the best advice I can through the interweb.
@Hark: Will I'm glad you did. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up.
@Mushroom: Glad to have you back!
@Lim: I happy you finally checked out my comic. Been a fan of yours for a while.