Roster Part 1

puckhogg4 on Nov. 8, 2009

We'll be going over the main players in the comic this whole week. Hope everyone will get familiar with all the faces.

Some things to consider when reading “Off Season”:

1) There is a storyline in the comic, but it is so spread out, you probably won't recognize one for some time. I'm trying to write it so that you can get to know the characters a bit, hoping that each individual comic can be entertaining within itself.

2) My writing style has a few different influences: from the many of the writers of DEADPOOL (referencing pop culture) to Nancy Dowd (writer of the movie Slap Shot and all of it's wonderful crudeness).

3) Don't worry yourself about the colors of the characters. We didn't question the colors of the Muppets, right? I've always dreamed of using color in my drawings, but I can't even hold a crayon or marker or paintbrush. Doing it digitally is deliciously easy, so I might go overboard with it. I'm confident I'll get better at it as time goes by.