Eeeeevil D'x

Fyrsiel on Aug. 26, 2007


These notes are a continuation of the explination in the comic page above. I did get the computer fixed, but the off-time allowed me to see just how much of this comic I was not particularly satisfied with. In essence, I'm not sure what to do with it. To start it over? To give it a hiatus? To continue at all? The plotline has been bothering me horribly for a very long time, as I'm most frusterated with its *at a crawl* pace. There is still so much much more I want to show with the comic and so much background that has been horribly neglected. Nomed, Ruethin, and even Indy, are great characters to me and I could not simply drop them off the face of existance. So, the most likely thing I may do is give the comic a hiatus. During that time, I might scrap the origional script/storyline I had planned out and re-work it, starting from this very point where I've left off. There may be very few updates for this comic, during this time.

Also during that time, I'll be working on other artsy projects, maybe to reawaken some creativity within myself. And who knows? I may infact surprise everyone with a completely different comic series all together. I do *not* want to abandon OBQ. Not after three years worth of this stuff! But I may need to take a break from it so that I can rekindle my attachment to it. As insane as it may sound, it's been three years since I've started this thing. The storyline struture needs so much redesign that it's insane. @ @; So when this thing starts up again, perhaps there will be some interesting directions I can take it instead of the ones I've had planned.

How Long Will The Hiatus Be?

At forefront, I'm not certain. But I might count on quite a while. Perhaps maybe even a year. ;___; I am very sorry to those who are reading. I just think this comic could do so much more and be so much better. I need to brainstorm and figure out how to pull it out of its grinding rusty gears. If I can do that, perhaps it'll be well worth the wait.

I will still be lurking Drunkduck and commenting on other comics, however! Maybe I might even start drawing more fanart for people…! *who knows*

I'm starting my fourth and final year of college (scary) and at this point, I'm not sure how busy I'll be. But we'll see how things go. Getting so close to that point where Life will officially begin. @ @;;;; Scaaary!

So, I think that's more or less all I've wanted to say, to those who find this update. Ye may all see mah face again, sooner than you think.

Meanwhile, speaking of FanArt…. I recieved a piece from Jenshin! XDDDDD *totally surprised!* Thank you so much! This is really awesome, so you must all see it!

xDDD Whoooooa. *hahaha* Thank you again, Jenshin!

Everyone, I'll see you guys around! *and I will leave comments on your comics!* Ciao for now, guys!