Page - 140 [ Who Doesn't Like Ta Play? :'D ]

Fyrsiel on May 26, 2007

*Yeah new page. DDDD: After all this time and it's so quick and short…*

The school semester is OV-AR. Which means I might actually be able to concentraite on pages a little more… D,: I'll give it my best!! Although I am also gonta try for a part time job over the summer. At the moment, things are up in the air. @_@;

Thanks for sticking around, those who have. D'x I needed a mini-vacation or sommit, maybe… also had to deal with finals and the lot.

Hopefully things will become a bit interesting for a while. *darts eyes* Stay tuned. :3

*Did anyone see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie? xB*

o____o!! Eek-gads, have a few not seen jokes about the author being tied or chained to their computer in order to get comic pages done, before…! *eep!*