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Cheeko on June 26, 2008


Hey, everyone! Gosh, I missed you guys.
So, a lot of stuff has happened to me and Kelly to make us miss an update. First off, we both finally got jobs! I was hired by the movie theater and Kelly's working in a Bed Bath and Beyond, and it sounds surprisingly difficult. Mine, on the other hand, is incredibly easy—AND I get free tickets and popcorn anytime I want (within reason). I can also sign myself up to receive movie posters and promotional merchandise that the theater throws out once the movie leaves theaters! With any luck, I'll have a Wall-E (Which is great! I went to a midnight showing.) and a Hellboy poster by the end of the summer! *squeal*
Then our wireless internet died and we couldn't get on the internet anymore. Sad. :(
Then our wireless internet was fixed a few days later and we could! Happy! :)
And then it finally got hot again, and we turned on our AC to find out that it didn't work after all. Sad. :(
But my family has come up with us and we're going to a wedding tomorrow, and immediately after that we're going to the beach! Happy! :)
My sister also cut my hair (and also tried to die it blond, which didn't work out so well, thank goodness), so I've got a new look. Happy! :)
But she cut it waaaay shorter than I wanted to, and I was really freaked out. Sad. :(
But now it's starting to grow on me! Happy! :)
I've also managed to add a few more things to the links page, specifically most of the Golden Chain project, which is part of the Palace in the Sky Publishing Group. There are only about three missing, but only because I can't find any banners to use. I'm sure a little bit more searching will take care of it, though.
The home page may look like it's swamped with ads now, but they're there for good reasons. The one along the bottom is to help cover some of the hosting costs Rampage works up hosting all of the awesome comics that are part of the network. The one along the right side is to help support the Palace in the Sky group, and all proceeds go towards the promotion of the groups and the webcomics therein. The smaller ad along the very top of the page is/was there only temporary, also to help with some hosting costs.

I will be out of town from June 27th to July 5th, so there will be no updates until I'm back from my vacation. Sorry, you guys. Internet is going to be a rare thing where I'm going.

And a final note:
I made a cameo in someone's comic! :D
Much love.

Cheeko out.