Oni No Noroi Page 1 - Oni in the Darkness

kaminari on May 25, 2006

Welcome to Oni No Noroi, a tale of bishounen samurai warlords and terrible curses; maybe even an oni or two.

The first issue here shows the origin of the main characters, Akira and Yoshiki (younger and youngest brother) and the beginning of their curse.

Just some stuff to note:
Oni No Noroi means Curse of the Demon.. Lame huh? lol

In the last panel, Akira says: “nii-san” which means big brother.
I was going to have him say his name “Toshiie nii-san”, but thought simple was better.

Anyway, cant think of anything else to note now.
Hope you like it !!
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This comic will be full of violence, blood/gore, and just plain mean scoundrels.
Be warned !!