Episode 1

diana_m on June 7, 2008

Welcome to my spritecom.What's a Spritecom.It's a sitcom done with sprites.It talks about the life of various dudes who I don't give a crap about because it's 5 A.M. and I spent 3 hours in this shitty page.I'm kinda zoning out because this is the second night I stay up to 5 a.m..why am I talking about this?Well,to my Death by Spikes fans that came here because I said it thanks.And Linkin park rocks and shit like that.Well,Shadow has lost his job.And what will he do?Cry in a dark corner(doubt it)?Cut himself(that even less probable)?Blow up his ex-boss(maybe)?Complain to Knuckles(definatly)?Go to hell(I wish)?Now i'm laughing to myself while listening to simple plan.I'm going nuts.But I dont want to go to bed.I got it.Pepsi.No Pepsi?Coke.
(5 minutes later)~
That was tasty.Now I hope you enjoy this experimental comic and fave it.And if you are reading this …Coment.Any coment will be apreciated.(except if you are an asshole.I'll report you.)