PAge 29

Aisu on July 20, 2007

Page 29 xP Don't have much to say about this page just that if you don't know whats going on well it's kind of homage to Winsor McCay (hint hint) also why the antlers keep changing well thats just the magic of the Tony Tony hat.^^' Thank you all for reading and your comments, thank you so very much!

@-ximerika: I'll take you up on that offer one day but for right now i'm trying not to use any fillers, atleast not until after pg.35 xD

@- Azaeziel: she thinks that because she nows him so well, she nows that he tends to daydream and sometimes when your daydreaming you accidently set the office on fire and you know get fired…

@-kawaiidaigakusei: yes she is a very strong person who is not afraid to say what she wants.
About the movie, I didn't really like it. I didn't know who anyone was and what kind of relationships they had with each other and it was kind of hard to tell. For example when harry wants to go save his godfather they tell him its a trap and he snaps at them saying that his godfather is the only family he has left, I guess he doesn't consider his friends family?but his frineds must of because they were always trying to help him out and spent x-mas with him I thought they must of been like really great friends but I guess not. I don't know I think the moviw was really made for fans and for people who have atleast seen the last movies.