[1] Girl with goldfishes

Black_Kitty on Dec. 26, 2006

This is not a comic. If you know anything about me and comics, I haven't been able to keep one going for a long time now unfortunately. :(

Time is always an issue for me. With school, a part-time job, and me looking for a full-time job, I simply don't think I can substain a comic just yet. But drawing is like a muscle; you have to exercise it. So before my dystrophy becomes any worse, I'm currently trying to sketch on a semi-regular basis.

I always appreciate constructive feedbacks. Even if I don't reply to them, it doesn't mean I don't read them. Which is why I'm posting this on DrunkDuck. That and well…I want to?


This was a sketch I did yesterday. I actually don't like the girl too much but I really got into the goldfishes. The girl just looks weird and disproportionate.