Status update + some character sketches

Gustaa on Jan. 18, 2013

Hi again guys! My army time is over - has been so for two weeks now - and it feels good to be home for good. Sadly I didn't get the job I was promised, the employment laws changed when the year did, and the internship works are no longer available in Finland. Now I have to find a “real job”, and it's a BIT difficult thing with unfinished studies and no work experience.
As for the Paper Cuts, I've been giving it a great deal of thinking lately, and I've come to a conclusion that I will start from the very beginning. There are things I'd like to change, give the comic a more cohesive plot, and the quality of the first 100 pages or so are pretty rubbish. I'm also going to change the comic site, The Duck isn't as good as it used to be when it was the good ol' Drunkduck. Even the name kicked ass back then, and the layout was more simple and user-friendly.
I'll give you guys a link when I start uploading the new Paper Cuts to the another site.