Chapter 2 : Oh God has she seen Jesus?!

Sleeping Terror on May 22, 2010

Welcome back to phantasmagoria, please, do come in~

Fuck expressions, fuck them, fuck them, fuuuck theeeeem! Sometimes they are amazing, sometimes they make me want to soak my eyes in bleach, an example of which is the last two panels here. Nina looks like a spaz, her side-on face looks retarded, her expression is excruciatingly annooying to me because after twenty minutes of trying to provide her with eyes I gave up and gave her a scrunchy eye expression. Compared to Elly, freaking hell it looks like trash! Her eyes are amazing and I'm so happy how well they turned out! I should do expressions in Paint.Net more often! In retrospect, most of this throws back to my spriting ability, and if I took the time on Nina as I do with Yuka and Elly (have you seen the custom poses I've been chucking out recently? :3) she'd probably turn out a ton better… Oh well~ Time to practice more!

Unrelated topic: Whilst making this page, I saw a sprite comic update three times. I think its retarded how that comic will get more exposure than mine because its whoring itself out over the front page. Its like a freaking zerg rush, quantity over quality. I'm pretty pissed off today if you can't tell~ :D

Look back if you missed a page, I've been updating at pretty odd times recently… Also if anyone wants a little bit more exposure for their comic, PM me and I'll throw some advertising on my page for you~

Also, because I've been in a bit of a FFV binge today…

Edit: Changed some things, STILL did not fix Nina's expression because I just couldn't be bothered giving it another shot. I'll just practice more for future Nina panels~