ozoneocean on Jan. 3, 2006

I’m loving doing this commentary. ^_^

Pinky swoops in towards the Buccaneer: One battleship in the middle of a vast fleet.

The page furthers the art Decco feel I was going for, particularly with the way I draw and coloured the smoke trails from the ship’s funnels. I really love the way Pinky looks here too: I was experimenting with making her look more comic and less “realistic”. I should have stuck with it… But I’m not really that good at comicy things. The Slavic look she’s meant to have really shows through well here.
I drew the first 5 pages of Pinky TA in 1998, I didn’t start drawing them again until 2000. This is one of those pages from then. In order to get the most out of this artwork I contrived to split the pages in half and re-order the panels: making two pages out of one. This DID get more out of the art, but it slowed the story to a crawl…

A note:
I've decided to upload one page a day until I catch up with the main site. Just because I like to write about these pages and it's really hard to do that when I upload 10 at a go, (which I hate doing). Meanwhile, if you want to see the latest, just click the “Main site” link.