The Buccaneer

ozoneocean on Jan. 3, 2006

I’m on a roll.

Captain Rasovich talks to Astrova (another officer) about things to come! Foreshadowing! Meanwhile, Pinky lands on the rear deck.

Oh dear, sometimes I find the art embarrassing and sometimes it’s the writing. This time it’s the writing. I tried some ham-fisted foreshadowing here. Officer Astrova was a character that I’d made up for the novelisation of the story; before I decided what I’d do with Pinky, I thought I might try putting her story in novel form. I never got too far because I kept getting carried away with descriptions. In the end I just thought it’d probably take less time to draw than write about! Anyway, Astrova was supposed to have a bigger part, but this seems to be her only showing in the comic. Maybe she’ll come back later?
Her name was roughly based on the Russian artist who did that great version of “Pinky hits” (fan gallery), because it was a good name and I didn’t know many other Russian names…

This was one of the easier pages to colour because I’d already done a digitally coloured version of the middle panel sometime before (albeit with a mouse). I just loved that view so much.

A note:
I've decided to upload one page a day until I catch up with the main site. Just because I like to write about these pages and it's really hard to do that when I upload 10 at a go, (which I hate doing). Meanwhile, if you want to see the latest, just click the “Main site” link.