Enfant De Tonnerre

Ozoneocean on Jan. 28, 2006

Writer's challenge!
We’ve started up a weekly writer’s challenge in the forums. Each week writers try writing a short fanfic based on the characters of a DD comic we choose for that week. The first comic is Two Moons. See the details and entries here. It’s a fun way to practise your writing ^_^

Latest page of Pinky TA updated on 27th January 2006. Here: Main site.

Page description:
They’re firing at that same cruiser again! They managed to damage it last time and now they’ve caught up to it to finish it off. There’s a bit of a squall at sea and it’s quite cold. The Enfant De Tonnerre sinks… The death of a warship is a sad thing :(
Pinky’s all ready to leave; the scout is all painted up for the desert. Cc and Rasovich are discussing Cc’s leaving as well.

Ah, I’m all batter after yesterday. I love this page, there’s something about the limited colour range… Pinky’s not wearing lipstick here, for good reason. The S.S.V.5 had a paintjob here, mainly because that’s a better colour for the desert, but also because reproducing a camouflage pattern properly from all different angles is a real PAIN, it was bad enough on that cruiser.
Pinky’s not entirely correct when she alludes to the cruiser’s name in relation to the storm. The name of course means “Thunder Child” (or ‘child of thunder’), that was in homage to the ironclad in H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. I always thought it was a beautiful name. Plus, I think there was once a real French warship called the Tonnerre. Probably just a monitor. ^_^

A note:
Go to my main site for the latest work (27th January, 2006). I’m uploading one page a day with commentary and explanations here.